Octavia Collagen Soap

Octavia Collagen Soap

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Regular cleansing is essential to keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy.

Cleansing with Octavia Collagen Soap helps:

  • manage PH levels of the skin; enabling sufficient water and product retention.
  • to clears pores of debris to prevent dirt buildup, decreasing the chances of a breakout.
  • to increase absorption and penetration of ingredients (from Octavia White Cream) to improve results and benefits
  • maintain proper pore size.
  • to encourages proper skin hydration and prevents the production of excess oils.
  • to give your skin a natural glow.
  • prevent the formation of wrinkles and other signs of aging.
  • restore elasticity to the skin.


Cleanse face morning and night. Rinse with lukewarm water, pat dry with a clean towel.

Net weight: 60 grams